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Although Saturday-night alive made fun of Zooey Deschanel along with their humorous “Quirky Girls” sketch, I’m grateful that smart, weird, off-beat women like Deschanel, Mindy Kaling and Tina Fey tend to be eventually getting their particular set in the limelight. It’s no key that i am a huge brand new Girl lover – i enjoy the endearing characteristics between every one of the friends and Winston’s obsession with kitties and puzzles. But primarily I favor exactly how much I relate genuinely to Jess’s wacky antics.

Although I am not exactly like Jess (Really don’t wear polka dots or have a bunny shaped iPhone instance), i will associate with her – generally because I constantly regarded as myself a lot more of a “Jess” than say, a “Serena Vanderwoodsen.” I am not the fantastic “it” girl that each guy wants, I’m the smart, eyeglasses wearing, somewhat off-beat girl that a select few experience the advantage of loving. I am the Veronica, maybe not the Betty. Most importantly, i am proud of exactly who i’m. Perform men like wacky local girls who want to fuck? Well, they need to!

Never ever dated a self-proclaimed quirky woman? Here’s a few reasons why we stone –

1. We Will provide greatest gift suggestions –

Consider this: we are the kind of person who provides a cellular phone situation designed like a bunny rabbit. Its nearly impossible for people buying you a boring present. Rather, quirky women are often extremely creative and crafty. We’ll strike e-bay locate that vintage GI Joe doll you usually desired as a kid, bake you a cake and likely grab that hand made product from Etsy which you never ever realized you needed so far. Either way, date us and you should never obtain a bag of pipe socks and a present credit to Outback Steakhouse from united states for the birthday – unless of course its element of an elaborate inside joke.

2. We Love that you are wacky as well –

One of many best reasons for having dating a quirky girl is that you do not have to conceal the quirks. Indeed, we probably chose to end up being to you because we had been attracted to the quirks. If you are with us you’ll never have to cover the fact that you adore classic Sci-Fi novels and 2Pac in equal measure. We want that be your self, therefore you never need to forget of exposing your nerdy, neurotic inclinations – probably, we are in the same way odd as you are.

3. We Aren’t scared to let the freak flag fly –

Whether which is divulging all of our fascination with something really nerdy and hidden, owning up to an uncomfortable childhood second, or acquiring dressed up in a ridiculous outfit to satisfy a sexual dream, we aren’t worried getting our selves and try to let our freak banner fly.

4. You Don’t Need To act cool off all around us, we’re just as uncomfortable when you are –

You don’t need to be “Mr. Cool and Confident” all around. In fact, we prefer it in the event that you allow your own embarrassing side show since it makes us feel better about our own intrinsic awkwardness. Which means you’ll be able to moonwalk from you so we’ll still love you. We may also love you more.

6. We Are cool around food –

I can not speak for each weird woman right here, but one of the situations i enjoy about Jess’ figure is the fact that she does not shy from the food. Whether she’s baking a fantastic birthday meal for anyone she cares about or eating Chinese take-out, Jess is completely unapologetic regarding undeniable fact that she actually is well acquainted with carbs. Therefore, yes – we consume tasty situations and need one to do the exact same. That sounds like a Win/Win, correct?

7. We aren’t in opposition to splitting into song-and-dance. A ukelele and an Elvis costume might or might not be involved.

Like Jess, We have a habit of singing to myself personally and dancing throughout the house (occasionally to music that only i will notice.) I’m not crazy, I am only wacky and possess a love of musical movie theater. You wacky ladies aren’t scared to bend all of our music skills – whether which means permitting free at karaoke or dressing as Elvis because we know it’s the best possible way we are able to make us feel much better – dating a quirky woman implies that your lifetime never will be without monotony or even the occasional ukelele unicamente.

8. We Understand which our company is –

The one thing i really like a lot of about Jess’ figure would be that despite beingachingly vulnerable and unlucky in love, she understands just who she’s rather than wavers on that. She wears her quirks as a badge of honor and understands that enjoying things such as polka dot gowns, peter skillet collars and cupcakes doesn’t create her any a reduced amount of a bad-ass. We are the girls which survived high-school by hanging out inside artwork space and joining drama club. Given that we’re adults, we have the hell away from who we have been. Which is quite amazing as soon as you think about it.

9. Existence around is never dull or boring –

We are goofy. We’re weird. We knit circumstances. We love escapades. However, beneath the selfmade scarves and impromptu music shows, we are dedicated, thoughtful and so aren’t worried to simply take chances on really love. Other than becoming smart and adorably strange, absolutely nothing features truly are available an easy task to all of us in daily life, when we would get a hold of our very own “Quirky Guy” we know to not ever let it go.